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The essence of maths is not to make
simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.

– Stanley Gudder

Singapore maths online maths tuition for 11 plus eleven plus

Our 11 Plus Prep. pupils gained entry to some of the most competetive Grammar & Independent schools in England.

QE Grammar School
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St Paul's Girls School
Home 42
St Olave's Grammar School
Home 43
Wimbledon College
Home 44
Bancroft School
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Latymer Upper School
Home 46
Colchester Royal Grammar School
Home 47
Haberdashers Girls' School
Home 48
Henrietta Barnett
Home 49
King Edwards
Home 50
Hampton's Independent School
Home 51
Bancroft School
Home 52
Bancroft School
Home 53
Bancroft School
Home 54
Bancroft School
Home 55
Bancroft School
Home 56
Alt Logos 29 Home 18
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CSSE Schools Logo 3 Home 20
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CSSE Schools Logo 4 Home 22
Home 59
CSSE Schools Logo 2 removebg preview Home 24
Home 60
Hampton's Independent School
Home 61
Bancroft School
Home 62
Bancroft School
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Bancroft School
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Bancroft School
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Bancroft School
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What our parents say about our tuition & courses.

Don’t just take our word for it, check our Google reviews and all the reviews from those parents who are confirmed to have purchased our courses.

Singapore Maths Academy tuition

Register NOW for our NEW 11+ Classes Starting September 2024

Year 4 Eleven Plus Class

Register NOW for our NEW 11+ Classes Starting September 2024

Year 4 Eleven Plus Class

Register Year 4 Child ✔

Register Year 4 Child ✔

Perse School (Cambridge)

T got her results from Perse School (Cambridge) today. My husband phoned the school and they told him she got the top grade in maths! Thank you so much for your support.

Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

James Allen’s Girls School

Your lessons really helped her to work faster and not get so easily deterred by challenging word problems. Children found the Caterham paper challenging but Yas ACED it!

Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

City of London (Boys)

His Maths has gone from strength to strength since joining your class. He has offers from both City of London and Highgate. Thank you for teaching him & supporting him in maths.

Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

Register NOW for our NEW 11+ Classes Starting September 2024

Year 5 Eleven Plus Class

Register NOW for our NEW 11+ Classes Starting September 2024

Year 4 Eleven Plus Class

Register Year 5 Child ✔

Register Year 5 Child ✔

Why Parents Love Our Courses

Hear from our users how much they love Singapore Maths Academy online courses.

Immensely helpful for his 11 Plus journey

My son enrolled in the GL 11 plus Maths course, which was immensely helpful to his 11 plus journey. He found the video explanations effective and was able to complete the tests independently. We are so grateful for the amazing service offered by Mohi.

My child has enjoyed all his sessions

Maths with Mohi was just what inspired my child to do Maths! He’s incredibly patient and kind with the questions and his courses are very detailed and child-friendly…My child has enjoyed all his sessions.

I saw a huge improvement in Poppy’s confidence

Today, I saw a huge improvement in Poppy’s confidence (in handling mental maths questions). Watching the lesson (which is available in the mental maths course) before the LIVE lesson on Sunday allowed her to answer every question but one correctly. A simple but extremely useful mental maths strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers.

Singapore Maths is a style of teaching which allows children to visualise and understand topics as well as multi-step word problems. Find out more here.

Our tuition service can be for both able and struggling learners. The approach we take allows struggling learners to understand maths and able learners to excel in maths as many able learners don’t understand why things work, they are just good at following algorithms.

Our group sessions start from Year 3 onwards and our one to one tuition starts from year 2 and goes all the way to A-Level.

We focus on 11 Plus maths, primary and secondary Maths and Science as well as A-Level Maths and Science.


Primary from

£15 per hour

Our primary classes that cover key national curriculum topics are excellent for those that are looking to empower their children in maths.

Secondary from

£20 per hour

Our secondary classes are taken by highly skilled and qualified maths specialists and are ideal for students who are aiming for top grades.

One-to-One from

£70 per hour

We have very limited availability for 1-to-1 tuition, so be early & complete our forms promptly to secure your slot.

11 Plus Online Course From

£50 per month

Our online pre-recorded course allows your child to work through our videos and solve quiz questions at their own pace.

11+ Maths Group from

£25 per hour

Our grammar and independent school prep starts in Year 4 but you can also join our classes in Year 5.

One-to-One from

£70 per hour

We have very limited availability for 1-to-1 tuition, complete our forms to secure your slot.

Key Features of Our Tuition Services

Why is our tuition perfect for your child?

Consistent Assessment

It’s hard to know where your child is in maths at any given point. We make sure your child is being assessed every lesson.

Weekly Marked Homework

We set weekly homework which can be completed via our whiteboard and marked before our next lessons.

Outstanding Whiteboard

We have a world-class whiteboard for both one-to-one and group tuition which surpasses the benefits of face-to-face tuition.

Members Area

Our 11 Plus students have an exclusive members area with additional support videos, worksheets, and quizzes.

Core Topics

We cover core topics for our general maths tuition & make sure your child is prepared for the challenges of 11 Plus Maths entrance exams.

Qualified Teachers

All our teachers are qualified teachers with DBS police checks. We hand-pick the best specialist teachers to teach your child.

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