Eleven Plus Maths Quizzes

We’ve created Maths topic-specific eleven-plus quizzes which you can go through with your child after they have completed the topic at home or with us. We will continue to add other eleven plus maths topics as we progress…
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Get your child ready for their Eleven Plus entrance exams with these outstanding eleven plus maths quizzes specifically for Eleven Plus prep.

Area Quiz

A challenging area quiz, make sure you watch the video and complete the checklist before having a go!

Algebra Quiz

A challenging algebra quiz, make sure you watch the video and complete the checklist before having a go!

Mixed Quiz

When you are near the end of the eleven-plus journey and need a quick assessment this is the one you need.



Reinforcement of Learning

Eleven plus maths quizzes help reinforce the material that your child has learned. By frequently assessing their knowledge, your child can better retain information and understand concepts more deeply. This consistent engagement with the material helps in building a strong foundation in maths.


Identifying Weak Areas

Eleven plus maths quizzes can serve as diagnostic tools that highlight areas where your child may be struggling. This allows both, your child and tutors to pinpoint specific topics that need more attention, ensuring a targeted and efficient study approach.


Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills

Regular eleven plus maths quizzes will encourage your child to apply mathematical concepts to different problems, enhancing their problem-solving skills. This practice is crucial for the 11 Plus exam, which often tests the ability to apply basic maths principles in various contexts.


Time Management Practice

The 11 Plus exams are timed, so it’s important for students to learn how to manage their time effectively. Eleven plus maths quizzes can simulate exam conditions, helping students practice pacing themselves and improving their ability to complete questions under time constraints.


Boosting Confidence

Successfully completing eleven plus maths quizzes can boost your child’s confidence in their mathematical abilities. This increase in confidence can lead to less anxiety during the actual exam and a more positive attitude towards tackling challenging questions.

Ready For More?

After going through these eleven plus maths quizzes, you may decide your child will benefit from our pre-recorded courses. Here are a few courses we think your child would benefit from…
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