Group and One to one

Primary Maths Tuition

All our Primary Math lessons are taught by qualified teachers with a passion and expertise in maths and problem-solving. Whether you are looking for one-to-one or group lessons, we’ve got the perfect maths tuition for your child’s needs.

Our Primary Maths Tuition

Our primary maths tuition covers core topics for your child to excel in maths. Topics such as place value, arithmetic, fractions, percentages, area, perimeter, decimals, and problem-solving are all covered according to your child’s attainment. Though we do initially group children according to their year group, we do have the flexibility to adjust the class your child will take part in as we see their current attainment.

One to One Tuition

Our one-to-one sessions are ideal for those who prefer their child to receive instructions at their own pace & lessons tailored to their child’s needs.

One-to-one lessons are £70 per hour with a minimum of one 1 hour lesson per week.

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Group Tuition

Our group tuition classes are ideal for children who enjoy a competitive group setting with like-minded others.

Group sessions are on a set day and time every week and start from £15 per hour.

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Request a FREE Trial Lesson for our Primary Maths Tuition

Amazing Free Trial

Thank you for arranging the FREE trial lesson this afternoon. It was a really good session. We are happy to continue the lessons.

Year 4 Parent

Enjoyed Trial Lesson

Thank you very much for the Year 3 trial lesson, H really enjoyed his lesson and I would like to enroll him in to the Year 3 course!

Year 3 Parent

Great Taster Lesson

Yesterday’s taster lesson was indeed a GREAT lesson for Conor. We would like him to sign up to your Year 6 group ASAP.

Year 6 Parent

Our Primary Maths Tuition Timetable 2023

Maths Tuition Groups
Day and Time
Year 3 Maths Tuition
Friday 6 PM
Year 4 Maths Tuition
Tuesday 5 PM
Year 5 Maths Tuition
Sunday 9 AM
Year 6 Maths Tuition
Friday 4:30 PM
Year 5/6 Problem-Solving
Tuesday 6:30 PM
Year 6 Maths Challenge
Friday 4:30 PM

Primary Maths Challenge

As Singapore Maths is known for the excelling in problem-solving, we are the ideal partners for those who want to prepare their children for the challenges of Primary Maths Challenges. Our expert teachers will guide your child through various topics and strategies to make sure they have a smooth and pleasant experience during the Primary Maths Challeneg competition.