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Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

Our Eleven Plus Math lessons are taught by qualified teachers with a passion and expertise in maths and problem-solving. Whether you are looking for one-to-one or group lessons, we’ve got the perfect maths tuition for your child’s needs.

Our Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

If you are looking for the best 11 Plus online tuition for maths, then you’ve come to the right place. As experts in 11 plus maths, we would recommend, ideally, starting 11 plus maths tuition from Year 4, which would allow us to cover all the key topics and go through a wide variety of problem-solving 11 plus questions to prepare for any 11+ entrance exam. We’ve had success in getting our pupils into some of the top schools in England, so we know exactly what it takes to get your child into their first-choice grammar or independent school.

So, if you are still in the market for an outstanding online maths tutor, see below why, as maths tutors, we are considered to be amongst the best 11 Plus tutors you can find.

Perse School (Cambridge)

T got her results from Perse Schpp (Cambridge) today. My husband phoned the school and they told him she got the top grade in maths! Thank you so much for your support.

Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

James Allen’s Girls School

Your lessons really helped her to work faster and not get so easily deterred by challenging word problems. Children found the Caterham paper challenging but Yas ACED it!

Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

City of London (Boys)

His Maths has gone from strength to strength since joining your class. He has offers from both City of London and Highgate. Thank you for teaching him & supporting him in maths.

Eleven Plus Maths Tuition

One to One Tuition

Our one-to-one sessions are ideal for those who prefer their child to receive instructions at their own pace and get extra attention tailored to their child’s needs. One-to-one lessons are £70 per hour with a minimum of one 1 hour lesson per week.

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Group Tuition

Our group tuition classes are ideal for children who enjoy a competitive group setting with like-minded others who thrive on the challenges that eleven plus maths introduces. Group sessions are on a set day and time every week and start from £25 per hour.

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Our Eleven Plus Group Tuition Timetable 2023

Eleven Plus Tuition
Day and Time
Year 4
Sunday 2:30 PM
Year 4
Year 5
Sunday 4:30 PM
Year 5
Tuesday 6 PM