Unleash Your Child’s Potential with Our Comprehensive ‘Sequences and Nth Term’ Preparation Course for the 11 Plus Exams!

Sequences and Nth Term forms the core of this transformative 11 Plus preparation course. Designed specifically for students seeking to excel in their 11 Plus exams, this course meticulously covers every aspect of sequences and nth term. Over 10 expertly crafted lessons, we delve deep into the world of mathematical sequences, ensuring a thorough understanding and mastery of this crucial topic.

Key Features:

In-Depth Learning: The course kicks off with the fundamentals of sequences and nth term, gradually advancing to more complex concepts.

Expertly Designed Quizzes: After most lessons, interactive quizzes reinforce the key concepts of sequences and nth term.

End of Course Assessment: A comprehensive assessment, focusing on sequences and nth term, to evaluate your child’s readiness for the 11 Plus exams.

Course Breakdown:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Sequences
Lesson 2: Special Sequences
Lesson 3: Working out terms in a sequence (method 1)
Lesson 4: Working out terms in a sequence (method 2)
Lesson 5: Working out terms in a sequence (method 3)
Lesson 6: Decreasing Sequences
Lesson 7: Working out terms from the nth term
Lesson 8: Identifying whether a term is in a sequence
Lesson 9: Visual sequences
Lesson 10: Visual sequences with two patterns
Lesson 11: Other types of patterns
Lesson 12: Final Assessment

Why Choose This Course?

Specialised Focus: Concentrated emphasis on sequences and nth term, ensuring targeted preparation for the 11 Plus exams.
Adaptable Learning: Flexible access to our online platform, allowing your child to learn about sequences and nth term at their own pace.
Expert Instruction: Learn from educators with years of experience in teaching sequences and nth term for 11 Plus success.

Enrol Now:

Secure your child’s success in the 11 Plus exams with our specialised course on sequences and nth term. Enrol today and empower them with the knowledge and confidence to excel!


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Excel in Sequences and Nth Term: Ultimate 11 Plus Mastery Course

A 10 lesson course on sequences with an 11-plus assessment to complete the course. (12 month access)