online maths tuition

Online maths tuition? The 21st-century children are growing up with unlimited exposure to captivating technology. Just by a simple gesture, like swiping their fingers on smart devices, they get to do a range of activities; from watching favourite cartoon on the internet to making a video call to parents who are physically miles away. No doubt tech skill is one of the must-have skill to develop for these 21st-century children. So how does this effect maths tuition and the new idea of online maths tuition?

With the countless resources available on the internet, online learning has progressed to enhance children’s learning experience. As often, children express enthusiasm in learning when they are attracted to the colourful animation and by the instant responses given to them.

The Online Classroom by Singapore Maths Academy (SMA) provides a learning platform for children to learn in a more meaningful and innovation way. Children are exposed to various virtual manipulatives to aid them in understanding mathematical concepts, which are often confusing. These virtual manipulatives enable children to visualise concepts at work that leads them to be able to apply concepts into problem-solving.

visual fractions

An example of a virtual manipulative to help children understand subtraction of unlike fraction with different denominators

How do we know the children actually learn well in their online maths tuition sessions? Well, let them play a game! Many of the assessment carried out in the Online Classroom are actually online games. These interactive activities provide children a fun and purposeful review of their own understanding of mathematical concepts. In some challenging game, children are provided with opportunities to review their competency in problem solving. As such, the process of completing games helps children to develop their critical thinking and self-evaluation skill.

Pizza fractions

An example of assessing a child’s understanding of equivalent fraction by completing a pizza order

Children attending the Online Classroom also find themselves acquiring and advancing their technological skills. To enable each session to run smoothly, children know how to start a video conference, adjusting the audio and video functions, open the web browser for online activities, and to troubleshoot when technical issues arise.

As more renowned universities are providing free online courses (known as MOOCs) and people in work force are working remotely in virtual teams, having this set of technological skills will open up many opportunities for the child’s higher education and future career.

To bring out every child’s learning potential, parental involvement is crucial. Parents and tutors communicate constantly to provide updates on the child’s progress. In the start of each academic year, parents and tutors discussed and come up with a personalised work plan for the children. Throughout the year, parents are kept up to date with their child’s learning progress with a copy of completed lesson emailed to them after every session. Parents provide feedback on the child’s ability in completing their practice work and , if needed, tutors provide supplementary materials to fill up any learning gaps.

Lastly, how can we leave out all the benefits of learning in own comfort? Wherever there is an internet connection, that’s the place for online lesson!

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