Group and One to one

Secondary Maths Tuition

All our Secondary Math lessons are taught by qualified maths teachers with a passion, expertise, & experience in teaching maths and problem-solving. Whether you are looking for one-to-one or group lessons, we’ve got the perfect tutor for your child’s needs.

Our Secondary Maths Tuition

Unlike Primary maths tuition, Secondary maths tuition always has an end goal – to prepare children for their GCSEs. With the rise in the number of students falling behind as a direct result of the lockdowns during the Covid pandemic, many parents are worried that their children will not reach their full potential in maths and other subjects.

Rather than take a reactive approach at the end of their GCSEs, we have classes starting from Year 7 that allow parents to stay calm when their children are in the final stages of their secondary education

Our expert maths tutors will guide your child in key topics and concepts needed for them to excel in GCSE maths. Whether your child is in Year 7 all the way to Year 11, we have you covered.

One to One Tuition

Our one-to-one sessions are ideal for those who prefer their child to receive instructions at their own pace and get extra attention tailored to their child’s needs. One-to-one lessons are £70 per hour with a minimum of one 1 hour lesson per week.

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Group Tuition

Our group tuition classes are ideal for children who enjoy a competitive group setting with like-minded others.

Group sessions are on a set day and time every week and start from £20 per hour.

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Our Secondary Maths Tuition Timetable 2023

Maths Tuition Groups
Day and Time
Year 7
Wednesday 6 PM
Year 8
Wednesday 4:30 PM
Year 9
Year 10
Tuesday 6:45 PM
Year 11
Tuesday 4:30 PM &  Wednesday 7:15 PM