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  • April 1, 2024 - April 12, 2024
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This event has been expaired

The Bar Model Course – April 2024

Course Information

Our Bar Model course is ideal for those who would like to support their children in improving their problem-solving strategies.
The Bar Model approach is a world-class visual approach which allows children to understand word problems and create a clear image to be then able to take the correct steps to solve problems.

What are Bar Models?

The Bar Model approach uses bars to represent complex word problems. It sounds simple but used effectively, the strategy can dramatically decrease the time taken to understand and solve many types of questions.

What are the key benefits of using The Bar Model Approach?

  • Understanding – Bar Modelling increases mathematical understanding and therefore puts your child in a strong position to remember strategies.
  • Problem Solving – Problem-solving is the most frequent area children find problematic during their 11 plus maths entrance exams. Bar modelling is a consistent approach which solves various types of problems and allows your child to excel in their 11+ maths entrance exams.
  • Reasoning – Reasoning is integral to mathematical understanding. this is why the bar model approach is so important as it’s a visual tool which enhances reasoning skills.
  • Time – Effective use of bar models means your child will save time in many word problems that appear in 11+ maths entrance exams. This means your child will have more time on non-standard or scholarship questions.
  • Efficiency – Efficiency means saving time, which can result in more efficiency. How? Well, your child will have more time at the end of the exam to go back and correct any mistakes.
  • Gain Advantage – With all the above advantages of mastering bar modelling, your child will have be able to dominate maths problem-solving questions in their maths 11+ entrance examination.
  • Confidence – When a child can visualise and solve challenging word problems using this method, you will see an increased level of confidence which will no doubt help them on other maths topics as their level of fluency increases.


All children enrolling on this course must know how to confidently:

  • Add and subtract 5-digit numbers
  • Multiply and divide efficiently
  • Know the basics of fractions including equivalent fractions and how to add and subtract fractions.

Course Structure

This course will have two lessons a week for five weeks. Each lesson is 1 hour and therefore the entire course is 10 hours.

The course starts with number problems which involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before moving on to fractions.

Lessons will take place on Monday and Thursday at 11 am.

This course is for children who are currently in Year 4 or 5.

Course Dates

Start Date: Monday 1st April (TBC) 11:15am
End Date: Friday 12th August 2024


The fee for the course is £350/student.

  • Time : 11:15 am - (UTC+0)

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