Mastering 11 Plus Ratio

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We’re ALL about numbers, right?
The good news is that this course comes with impressive numbers too…


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“I tried the course…it was very nice. I actually learnt about using bar models for ratio myself…”

— Akila, Ratio Course Parent

What you will learn to master, our course content

What are ratios?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is really about the very basics of ratio, what is it and what does it look like?

Ratio Basics

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 covers more basics, simplifying ratios, how ratios can be used to show proportion with fractions, and problem-solving based on the goals of the chapter.

Sharing in a given ratio

Chapter 3

Sharing is the most common problem-solving type of question that is associated with ratio, however, did you know that there are 3 types of sharing in a given ratio questions that need to be covered and most tuition centres only cover two?

Other 11 Plus ratio problems

Chapter 4

This chapter wraps up the whole course with some challenging 11 Plus questions from past entrance exams. All questions will be marked and answers will accompany each question.

What’s in the course?

This course includes…

This course has 8 Videos and 4 Marked Assessment Quizzes. One of the Quizzes will have past 11 Plus questions found from some of the top Grammar and Independent school entrance exams, specimen, and familiarisation papers, hand-picked by Mohi Uddin Ahmed.

Mohi at work

Mohi is an International speaker and maths consultant but also loves to create clear and easy-to-understand resources on maths mastery.

Here’s a short video going through a question found in Merchant Taylors’ school’s specimen paper. Watch how the question opens up with the bar model approach.

Merchant Taylors’ Specimen Paper Solution

Mohi’s Final Say…

Mohi Uddin Ahmed Teaching

“This course has been given great reviews from our parents & we’ve improved the course further since. If you are looking for a series of lessons that cover Ratio at a fraction of our one-to-one price with an experienced & qualified teacher, then you’re on the right page.

Mohi Uddin Ahmed, Course Instructor

Course Lessons

Chapter 1: What are ratios?

Chapter 2: Ratio Basics

Chapter 3: All kinds of sharing in a given ratio problems

Chapter 4: Other 11 Plus problem solving questions