Every term we have at least one day where the staff at the Academy get together for some training day on the cutting edge Singapore Maths approach.

This term we focussed on the CPA approach, as we normally do, and also looked at more challenging questions using the Bar Model approach.

Books and Resources from our Academy

Books and Resources from our Academy

The first task, however, was to introduce the staff to the new look Academy with dedicated resources for our pupils and even focus on technology, which will no doubt excite out pupils. Staff were also introduced to new aspects of lessons including a 5-minute section at the beginning of each lesson which focusses on mental maths and we will have a timed mini assessment each week, for example, Year 5 and 6 will be expected to be able to complete 72 questions in 100 seconds! Not easy right, but we are pushing pupils to improve their mental maths so that they can complete questions more efficiently.

The Maths training started off with looking at how we can use practical, hands-on, materials to understand a complex algorithm such as long division. Staff used got to see a brilliant app, called Number Pieces, in action which allowed them to see why we write down all the elements in the long division algorithm. It made a lot of sense to staff and they also got to see the CPA approach in action.

In the second phase of the training, we looked at how complicated general formulae, like the area of a trapezium can be formed from very basic strategies. We were really impressed with all our teachers’ determination and how successful they were at getting various ways to find an area of a specific trapezium but also finding the general formulae without any help from Mohi Uddin, the founder and Singapore Maths teacher trainer!

Solution to a word problem using a unique strategy called Bar Modelling, covered in our training day for staff

Solution to a word problem using a unique strategy called Bar Modelling.

We finished our training with three very challenging word problems which even Year 11 pupils would struggle with! We will be releasing a video on our YouTube page very soon so that you all are treated to a challenging problem! Overall a very successful and enjoyable training.

Lessons start from Tuesday so contact us to register your children.

If you require Singapore Maths Training then check out www.muac.co.uk our training providers.