What is Singapore Maths Academy?

Singapore Maths Academy is a unique tuition service that uses the world’s leading pedagogy (style of teaching) to deliver outstanding maths lessons. We are the first tuition service in England which uses strategies that helped Singapore  have the leading maths education system in the world.

At the Academy our focus is typically on five key elements, these are:

Singapore results compared

Singapore have been the leading nation in Maths for over three decades. The style of teaching, visualisation and focus on problem solving means that students enjoy and understand maths. Students are then given amazingly effective strategiesto solve complex word problems which seems easy as the strategies support visual understanding of even the most complex problems.

The following graphs show how Singapore compares to England in the most recent international benchmark, TIMSS (Trends in International Maths and Science Studies). Typically, by the time a child in England Is in Year 9, they are already 3 years behind children in Singapore.