Looking for online maths lessons? With the world slowing down to a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic, online learning is the new buzzword, so we are here to tell you why you should book your online maths lessons with us.

5 reasons to choose Singapore Maths Academy for your online maths lessons?

  1. Our approach is based on Singapore Maths, the leading maths pedagogy (art of teaching) in the world
  2. Singapore Maths Academy have been established for over 7 years in England.
  3. We specialise in Maths Education and are passionate about teaching ONLY Maths
  4. We have been delivering online maths lessons for over 4 years
  5. All our teachers are qualified teachers

There are of course many services available online in this unprecidentel time, but most of which have just recently started to teach their pupils maths online. We’ve not only been teaching online for many years, but we’ve also been offering group tuition for many years too. All our teachewrs are qualified from either England or Singapore and we are all based in England.

In this testing time that we find ourselves in, it’s a major challenge for us to balance work  life, which for most of us will be from home, and teaching our children too. We know that financial worries are also something that will play a big part in our decision making. We understamd this and hence we’ve already reduced our fees so that we can support our teachers, parents and children all at the same time.

We will be offering three main services online. These are:

  1. One to one lessons at a fee of £25 an hour if parents book at least 4 lessons a week.
  2. Group sessions with upto 6 students. £10 per student.
  3. Free 30 minute problem-solving sessions – twice a week (coming soon)

Our online sessions are really geared towards understanding maths and not just going through the motion of completing multiple questions. We ask pupils many questions where they have to ponder and think of a solution as well as visualise and show their solution. Problem-solving plays a big part of our lessons, so contact us to register your interest.

We also have two FREE sessions online – every Wednesday (Year 3 and 4) and Thursday (Year 5 and 6) at 11:30am.

Like our page and get more info on the free sessions here: https://www.facebook.com/SingaporeMathsAcademy/